GDPR App by and for Data Protection Professionals


The LeyQi app guides you through GDPR processes, generates compliance documents and registers all the steps and documents in a blockchain.

LeyQi App

Intelligent GDPR Questionnaire

  • Created by practising GDPR lawyers
  • You can tailor the GDPR questionnaire to your needs
  • Advanced logic and intelligence
  • You can automatically generate compliance reports
  • You gain time while documenting GDPR compliance
  • The app enables adding other compliance questionnaires

FLeyQi Legal Intelligence

Own your Own ID & Data

  • You create your own portable digital identity (using Blockstack)
  • Your data is encrypted in an EU-based cloud
  • LeyQi does not read your data - you always own your data
  • You can invite experts to collaborate (IT managers, HR, DPO, etc.)

LeyQi Legal Intelligence

Blockchain Registration

  • Hashes of reports are timestamped and registered on the blockchain (as from Q3 2019)
  • The blockchain registration provides immutable proof
  • Our blockchain applies the following principles: affordability, stability, eco-friendliness, high security, high-speed, open source, user friendliness

Pay as you use Price Model

Pricing is based on your effective use including document registration.

Who is LeyQi?

Four founders with Data, IT and Legal skills

Claudine Knop

General management of data companies. Responsible of the commercial and marketing strategy of LeyQi.
+32 (0)475 62 90 59

Jef Vanbockryck

Data architect of privacy-by-design solutions, data & business model expert, enterprise architect, project manager. Responsible for the strategy and technology of LeyQi.
+32 (0)495 23 04 34

Louis-Dorsan Jolly

Lawyer, Associate at ALTIUS, legal expert in ICT, privacy & data protection. IAPP CIPP-E and CIPM certified. Responsible for legal content LeyQi app.
+32 (0)477 19 51 36

Gerrit Vandendriessche

Lawyer, Partner at ALTIUS, legal expert in ICT, privacy & data protection, electronic communications. Certified DPO. Responsible for legal content of LeyQi app.


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